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Create your ultimate travel itinerary, book multiple connections & accommodation then share with friends and family!

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Joining our network of travelers allows you to search trending itineraries and make them your own. Share with your network for recomendations or have friends clone past trips.

Multi Bookings

Plan by destinations, add connections, book flights, hotels and dymanically create your journey. Your itinerary stays with you and allows you to book in advance or manage bookings while you travel


Friends Can Follow

Give Friends and family access to basic itinerary information and they can track you while you are travelling- Or, invite fellow travelers to travel with your itinerary and build as a team.


Users love the experience of building custom itineraries with TrekFriend

Love It!

"My partner and myself now use TrekFriend for all of our travel plans from small driving trips to coordinating trips with our friends in other countries." - Mark from London

Live Help

"The trek friend team responded almost immediately, listened to our feedback and built a feature we requested into the app"

Live Travel Warnings

"Traveling with friends across europe, TrekFriend gave us a warning in our itinerary and saved us with alternative accommodations. Our trip would have been completely different not using the TrekFriend" - Anonymous User